Ad-O-Holic is the annual advertising event conducted by Club MarkUp. It is attended by participants from the top B-schools all over the country. The participants use their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve innovations in the field of advertising. The event turned ten this year, and for such a special birthday, there was a very special theme as well.

We are all travelers in our own ways. There are some who keep away from unexplored paths and continue to travel by the tested roads. Then there are some who leave everything behind just to explore whatever the path has in store for them. These are the wanderers, the nomads, the voyagers. The call of their thirst for adventure is strong. And that was what we had asked the future ad-gurus of the country: to satiate the wanderlust of a traveler!

The first round of the event was a peephole for the contestants into the exciting world of advertising. They were asked to come up with a creative and innovative OOH design for one of the three products mentioned in the case, that is in sync with the spirit of travel and adventure. There was a plethora of entries from B-schools across the country, out of which the top eight teams were short-listed to the second and final round.

The second round was held on the 3rd of September at IMT Ghaziabad, where the top 8 teams presented their creative in-flight and airport advertising strategies for the brands they had chosen. The strategies had to be fit for a scenario of improving the Indo-Chinese relations through tourism. This round was judged by Mr. Ankit Bhatia, co-founder of FrogIdeas and an eminent name in the world of digital marketing.

Finally it was the team AXIOS who emerged victorious with their innovative advertising strategy. The day marked the end of a week-long search for the best advertising minds of the country, and the insights the contestants got about the thrills and frills of marketing were plenty.